Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An apology from Richer Sounds

I have received an apology from the Customer Service Manager of Richer Sounds, he has spoken at length with the assistant who shouted at me. I greatly appreciate the fact they have been able to look into this and resolve it so quickly. The sales assistant genuinely thought he was trying to help me by raising his voice and has apologised for causing me distress. I’ve had people raising their voice at me before, it’s the shock that, despite telling the person I was deaf several times, they kept shouting at me, whereas others in the past have understood straight away. This to me this is still ignorance and as a result I won’t be returning to their store.

The Customer Service Manager has explained that Richer Sounds take equal opportunities very seriously and are also the founding members of an Employers' Forum on Disability (although I’ve just done a quick Google search and couldn’t see any details so it’s quite possibly an in-house thing, I don’t know without delving further). I have also been told that they actively work with a number of charities supporting a wide range of disabilities, including those who are deaf & hard of hearing…. further Google searching has revealed this: http://www.richersounds.com/information/friends which shows that they support the RNID, now known as ‘Action on Hearing Loss’. Which is actually very good to know.

I have accepted their apology having been reassured that the sales assistant will receive further diversity awareness training. For me however, well it has made me look inwards at how I interact with shop staff, my confidence has taken a hit, I’m concerned about my lip-reading and indeed my voice….and I hate my voice, it goes all over the place. If I can speak more clearly and more precisely then hopefully things like this won’t happen again.

This shouldn't have happened the way it did though.

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