Monday, 23 August 2010

Space Age - Museum of Childhood, Leicester

Just a quick photo montage here, we dropped by on Sunday re-lived our youth and I took a few phone-cam photos.....

Admit it, you want the glasses:

Fashion always comes full circle, things are tweaked and re-branded.... "Moon Boots?!" I hear you cry, yes, the older version of today's Ugg Boots!

Can you see influence for The Golden Compass here?:

Cool logo for a t'shirt - they missed out on some sales:

R2-D2 and Eve get a bit close:

Quick, grab ya whippets and run, run I tell ye, the Daleks are invading Yorkshire:

Disney-Geek-Alert (that'll be Phil y'know!), this is the book that Disney based their 'Space Mountain' ride on:

Am I wrong to laugh at the title of this book, fnarr fnarr:

Cool Star Wars poster:

And obviously Pigs In Space must also be added, The Muppets too:

Back to Star Wars, how many people out had the toys and figurines without realising how much they would be worth today? *Puts own hand up*

Space Age potty, sorry, chair:

I have christened this chewing gum-ball vending machine robot 'Pervert The Robot', can you tell why?

How cool?:

Ahhh, the old 80's Space Invaders, fanTAStic:

....but HOW MUCH....... it used to be only 10p, rip off Britain strikes again!

Cute robot dog:

All hail David Bowie:

This should tie up a few 'certain' movies:

I didn't realise until we left the exhibition, whoooooooopsadaisy:


Obviously this exhibition is geared towards the younger generation, it would be interesting to have a much bigger exhibition in London taking in the art of say HR Giger, and including more of the movies, 2001, Alien/Aliens etc, the more sinister side of space and Sci-Fi alongside the more gentler things, could prove to be a hit.

And finally walking back down the New Walk we came across this dilapidated building:

What the hell is wrong with the Leicester City Council? Not only are they hell bent with destroying the city's heritage - for example the destruction of the Bow String Bridge and indeed one of the best 'homely' pubs in the country: The Pump And Tap that was next to it, they are letting their big homes fall into this state, shame on you Leicester Council! Mind you, having seen their offices' square:

Of drab 60's pre-cast concrete greyness, is it any real surprise?!

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  1. Hi there, i have always coveted that dilapidated house & the nicer one just to it's left which you can't see in the your picture , i left Leicester in 1998 but as far as i can remember that building has always been empty sad .