Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Jools Holland's Picnic in the Park - Eastnor Castle 10/07/2010

"What a civilised way of doing an evening of live music": Phil.

Just a short and sweet blog update as I'm feeling tired. Travelled up to Eastnor Castle in The Malverns for Jools Holland's Picnic in the Park with Alison Moyet and Ruby Turner. The Malvern Hills providing such an amazing backdrop for the event. It was an incredibly civilised do, everyone having picnics of various sizes, some small, some absolutely huge banquette style.

The show itself was superb, the highlight for me was Alison Moyet, hoping that she would do 'All Cried Out', 'Only You' and 'Don't Go'. As it stood I was happy when she performed 'Only You' and 'That Ole Devil Called Love'. OK, I admit it, I was a tad disappointed that she didn't do 'All Cried Out' as it's one of my favourites of hers.

Later in the evening Ruby Turner took to the stage and showed everyone exactly how impressive her set of pipes were. Everyone was up and dancing at the front, including me after getting dragged in a neighbouring group of women!

The evening went really well, faultless stage production as expected of Jools Holland. The only problem came later when Phil was approached by a group of middle-aged pissed up women trying to get him to dance with them. He was happy to just take everything in and they ruined Ruby's performance for him as they wouldn't leave him alone, it was a great shame. People need to understand that everyone is different and not to go straight into somebody's personal space, it put a real downer on the latter stages of the show.

Jools, Alison and Ruby all belted out their songs with aplomb, absolutely superb show and ending with a big firework display. We retired for the evening to a 'cheap and cheerful' hotel.

On Sunday we explored Great Malvern, such a beautiful place, amazing scenery, gardens, riverside and huge houses, envy all round! Here's the Priory Gate House (spoiled by the pub's sign in the corner - get rid of it I say!)

It was quite a culture shock returning to the city's grime and dirt later in the day. Malvern is just such a beautiful place.

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