Monday, 5 July 2010

Circus Summer Ball with Jodie Harsh - 3rd July 2010

Both me and Phil were really excited about this, having never been to 'Circus' before and having heard so much about it. I have personally admired Jay Clarke's alter ego Jodie Harsh for quite some time as he pushes boundaries and indeed people's buttons. He has stepped up into the more, dare I say, 'mainstream' limelight and is doing his bit to make queerdom more acceptable. ....and that I applaud. Which, when you think about his stature, a wee five foot something fella in a two foot (and immaculately coiffured) wig with perfect make-up, says quite a lot!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jodie on Friday night, although too briefly. She was busy hosting her annual 'Circus Summer Ball' at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in Holborn. It would have been nice to have had a longer chat, alas.

(I'm fading away against the glamour that is Jodie Harsh)

On arrival we were immediately taken aback by how beautiful the rooms were, just stunning Art Deco. The Circus crowd seem to be the late-teens to late-20's, I make no bones about feeling 'old' amongst these, oft weird and wonderful creatures. Some of the costumes and make up were absolutely fantastic. However couldn't help but feel that the venue was a bit mis-matched though.

Kris Di Angelis had his set pumping out from the decks in the cavernous room (Lady Gaga seems a popular choice, and for a reason!). With being a tad early we grabbed some beers and relaxed near the bar, bear in mind it had been a looooooong day for us both so were quite tired.

We started to draw parallels between Circus and The Blitz club in the 80's with the New Romantics movement, probably looking into this with more depth that we should have done! We were also expecting something a bit 'more', a bit more of the Circus 'branding' I guess, as opposed to just a set of decks on a stage in a ballroom. Having said that the music was superb, they all know their shit. Jodie was giving her all on the stage and later Peaches too. I took a good few photo's alas not very flattering ones so they're not going to be posted, sorry! In regards to the venue, would the London Vaults (where Shunt used to be), as an example, been a better choice? Obviously we have never been to a Circus night before, not knowing what to expect and having nothing to compare it to.

There were quite a few photographers there, both taking photo's and filming, ample photo opportunities to be had by everyone. Personally I was happy with just the music as it got a bit tedious having a camera in your face every other minute. Sadly we had to leave before the end of the night as we were shattered, blame the 9 to 5's. All in, it was a great start to London's Pride weekend.

Photos from the night can be found here:

Jodie's website is here:

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