Monday, 14 June 2010

Spam, Football and Jake Gyllenhaal!

..."...Ni-Ni, Ni Ni Ni-Ni-Ni, Ni.."....

Quite a weekend I admit! Phil and me sped up the motorway to Nottingham with Madonna's 'Celebration' blaring out amongst other fab pop tracks meeting friends up there to see 'Spamalot' at the city's Theatre Royal.

Bloody good show considering, very funny and a good cast although I do admit that it was a bit difficult at times to follow StageText and watch the show as it's just so fast paced! There were however some niggles. Obviously this is the tour and the budget is significantly less than when it was being shown at London's Palace Theatre - smaller cast, smaller stage set. However Phil was saying there were loads of projections in the original show that could have been used quite easily on the tour, the flying cows etc and a lot of other Terry Gilliam animations. The biggest disappointment is with a song that has been changed beyond recognition from the original - 'You Won't Succeed on Broadway'. They have changed it to suit the city the show is playing in and, personally speaking, it spoiled things somewhat.

Alas, fret ye not, Phil's subtitled the original cast with the song and I thereby present it here for everyone's entertainment:

The show is typically Monty Python, slapstick and surreal, absolutely brilliant. And such genius casting Todd Carty as Patsy, a character of few words but plenty of laughs and yet, I bet, a nice pay package. Well done Todd!

The finale came with a mass sing-song and 'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life', it was over all too soon!

Back down to Leicester and then off to Richard and Hen's for a Football World Cup BBQ with the same gaggle of peeps that had been to the show. I will be the first to admit that I can't stand the game, I prefer sports with wheels, mountain biking and F1. It is however very amusing to watch guys get all pent up, jump around, swear, curse and crease over forwards, you get the drift, all over someone kicking a ball around a field! They are all great company though and Richard and Hen's son, Billy, was naturally making sure he was the centre of attention, especially with his new book 'Elephant Wellyphant' that Phil had to read to him several times. This was largely due to an Elephant with a bad case of wind, called Smellyphant and, being the pop-up book that it was, you pulled a tab and there's a nice big 'PARP!' coming out of its bottom, Billy thought it was hilarious!

Spent most of the time drinking Stella and eating fab burgers and sausages, commenting (sarcastically) on the lovely colours of the football players' shoes and the fact that Michael Jackson will probably want the goalie's gloves back as well (especially after his embarrassing miss - what a prat! Even I laughed when he did that!). The BBQ itself was a big beasty, it's on the 'to buy' list for the next place, I guarantee! Anyone for a BBQ at mine? C'mon then :)

A big "THANK YOU" to Richard and Hen for putting on such a great do. (PARP!)....

Got back quite late, I think it was midnight, grabbed a coffee and crashed into bed. Sunday was spent at the cinema with Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia. A rather good romp in the same vein as the original Indiana Jones movies. Take Indiana and mix it with the graphics teams from Lord of the Rings and you're there.

The train back down to London got my goat. I was in first class, I don't travel by first class very often. I was sat opposite a guy completely off his head on drugs who was being loud and obnoxious and really put me off the first part of the journey. The ticket inspectors weren't dealing with him despite complaints and his friend was fast asleep sprawled out over the table. I would have moved but it was a full carriage. Half way through the journey he left the carriage to vomit outside the toilet, again the staff did nothing. He came back, went to sleep and then dribbled all down his front (although I admit I found that bit funny!) His phone rang, he picked up the wrong phone and wondered why A) the person at the other end couldn't hear him shouting at them and B) it continued to ring even though he'd 'answered' it! On pulling into St Pancras it dawned on some people that the (now half cleaned up) vomit was between the toilet and the exit, so a lot of people stood in it, without realising, when getting off the train.

Remember kiddies - OD'ing on drugs is bad mmmmkay!

Got back home for about 11:30pm, a mad dash of unpacking, sticking clothes in the washer, making some food and a huge cup of (much needed) coffee before hitting the hay.

Should be a quiet weekend with the next one!!!

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