Monday, 14 June 2010

Oh yes, the gym!

Flat out busy at the end of last week, my apologies. Had my induction at the gym on Wednesday, it was delayed a tad whilst the instructor flirted with the girls on the training mats.

Anyway, prior to starting I had to have a little health check and fill in some forms regarding my medical background, it was noted that my blood pressure was rather high. Had to explain what an absolutely shit day I'd had at work and that it was no wonder, which tied it all up rather nicely!

Straight forward induction; shown how to use various machines (but not all of them). Did some cardio with two different types of cross (eliptical) trainer, which I find pointless, it's low intensity, I much prefer the treadmill. Shown how to stretch correctly before working out and then how to use a few of the weight machines. Was about 45 minutes all in and I ached afterwards so it certainly 'worked'. Looking into protein wheys again too to assist with build and recovery.

Was back this evening, 20 mins on the treadmill at various inclines and lifting 'one-up' on the weight machines with less reps than before. Slowly trying to get back into the same 'structure' I had at the Newcastle gym. Need another session or two with the same instructor as there are machines I have not used before. Sadly the free weights area was jammed solid with preening Muscle Marys so will try to get into that area on the next visit.

Swimming tomorrow, target is 800 metres :)

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