Sunday, 6 June 2010

Following the Effelumps and Duckies...

Well we didn't get to the 'Exposed' exhibition at the Tate Modern, opting instead to go in search of the Elephants from The Elephants Parade, , it would have been the last weekend we could have gone to see them (going to Nottingham next Saturday to see Monty Python's 'Spamalot'). Olde London Towne has been blessed with some superb weather as of late, so got the comfy shoes on and went for a trundle around. Obviously there are hundreds and hundreds of these elephants all over the capital, no time to see them all so stayed with some of the larger 'herds'. Having seen the ones in Hyde Park the other weekend, we left those ones, concentrating more on The Scoop by City Hall and Green Park. Can I just mention the weather again? It was AMAZING!! The sparkly effelump below is by The Scoop:

All of the elephants are individually painted/designed and will be going for auction at Sotheby's very soon, most are absolutely wonderful. You can also buy minature versions of them, all limited editions, was sorely tempted to but I couldn't find the 'Mrs Stripe' one anywhere, booooo!! It's a genius idea because it gets people, whether Londoners or tourists, searching for elephants all over the city so the local economy around the installations are therefore boosted, absolutely brilliant.

Did a spot of shopping around the Seven Dials in Covent Garden, bought a pair of denim shorts from Carhartt. Grabbed some ingredients from Tesco on the way back to the train and we've made up some chocolate Rocky Road for 'munchies', very yum and so easy to make!

We didn't have long at home before showering and getting changed then heading to Duckie at the RVT (Royal Vauxhall Tavern). Duckie is an alternative club-night: it's very hard to pigeon hole the place because it's such a fabulous mish-mash. Got our hands stamped by one of the door whores, 'The Cloths', and we were in:

Amy Lame is the hostess of each evening, one of London's underground heroes she has been hosting Duckie for the last 15 years, it's one of the city's best kept secrets, tucked in out of the way. (Sorry for the crap phone-cam picture).

We were all treated to three cabaret acts, the first was Professor Vanessa with some old National Showcase Films and Revuedeville showreels showing acts from the 1800's, all being projected onto the stage's movie screen. Cycling bears, dancing dogs and a rather bizarre dancing pig! It was actually rather interesting, showing how times have so obviously changed in regards to animal welfare, it included very very rare footage from the Blackpool Tower Vaudeville portraying a cycling bear, all very cool.

Next up were Taylor Mac, very hard to describe in short sentences so I will let his website do the talking:

Final performance was by Miss Behave, the UK's only sword swallower, cue: shocked looks by most of the audience as she put a 40" blade down her throat. Gawp mouths abound!

The Readers Wifes DJ's were not in attendance this evening, they are the resident Duckie DJ's, in their place were two lasses whose names sadly escaped me but they did a superb job. Music is largely 80's electronica, mixed with alternative 60's and 70's hits, then crossed with alternative modern music.

So from memory we had Lynn Anderson's 'Rose Garden', Souxsie and the Banshees 'Hong Kong Garden', Dead or Alive 'You Spin Me Round' (2003 remix), Lady Gaga 'Telephone', Grace Jones 'Pull Up To The Bumper', Debbie Harry 'I Want That Man', Donna Summer 'Hot Stuff', Boney M 'Rasputin' ..... pure funky pop music, both me and Phil spent all evening bouncing up and down singing along. Oh yeah, the RVT now sell Sunchaser lager..... it's really nice, and really strong, as we soon found out, soon switched back to regular Kronenbourg!

It was drawing to the end of the night and one of, what we call 'Duckie Songs', hadn't been played, Depeche Mode's 'Just Can't Get Enough'. After going for a pee I had a quick chat with one of the DJ's to see if they could squeeze it in, sadly they didn't have it on their set list so I quickly, very very quickly, asked if they could play Gaga's 'Bad Romance', they agreed, with huge grins on their faces!

So as the night drew to a close, they announced the final song of the evening, 'Bad Romance' and every single person in that club went absolutely nuts!! Absolutely fantastic night out, as it always is at Duckie! Got home for about 3:30am, thankfully no delays with the night buses, phew! And as the sun was coming up we were sat there on the sofa eating cheese burger and chips!

Next club night is a double-up Friday and Saturday nighters; first up we'll be out with Jodie Harsh (London Super-DJ extraordinaire!) at 'Circus' and then to the annual Duckie Ball on the Saturday evening, this year called 'Gross Indecency', everyone is asked to wear 1960's clothing..... Jackie O glasses anyone?!

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