Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Eurovision's Over, ahhh well....

So we brought in Pete Waterman who gave us a great track to sing....... by someone like Rick Astley all those years ago! We were taken back to 80's all of a sudden, when Kylie was still being so lucky!

Why on earth didn't the UK Eurovision crew employ someone like Xenomania, Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Cathy Dennis or David Guetta to help out? It's just baffling!

Anyway, I promised some tunes for you and they're below, the video for Hera Bjork's track however is utterly bizarre, the song however would not be out of place being played in a club (Jodie Harsh take note! :) ).

All the videos below have been subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing by my other half, Muzzy Fush and his 300mph finger tips!

So, here we go, prepare for a typical Eurovision camp-attack....

Hera Bjork's (rather bizarre video for...) 'Je Ne Pas Sais Quoi':

Paula Seling & Ovi - 'Playing With Fire' (quite a 'Ting Tings' kinda beat with this one):

InCulto's 'Eastern European Funk':

There you go, that should keep you chuckling, at least with Hera's video!

Ta ra for now,


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