Monday, 31 May 2010

The Tate's new 'Exposed' and the Oxo Tower

Sadly the new 'Exposed' exhibition at the Tate Modern on the South Bank was absolutely rammed with people that we gave up after only two minutes, we'll be going back next Saturday evening and hope the crowds have died down.

To pass the time we decided to see what was on at the Oxo Tower Gallery, 'Chords of Grey' photographs by Paul Gallagher. Black and white photographs of largely sea shore and windswept landscapes. Personally speaking, I've seen it all before....... at various college and Uni Foundation Level end-of-year exhibitions. There's no way in hell I'm forking out 50 quid for the photography book containing those prints, I don't care if they're 'signed and stamped by the photographer' in question, that is a rip-off!

Oh well, it was disappointing. Looking forward to 'Exposed' next weekend though.

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