Saturday, 29 May 2010

Noises Off - The Rep, Birmingham

Just got home from The Rep in Brum. Bloody good show, it really is a show of two halves. The first, as per usual, you get the introduction to the characters with one or two surprises early on and you think the scene has been set. However it goes back to front for the latter half and it's just non-stop comedy. The play is a play in itself, I'm not giving anything away as really don't want to spoil it. Stand out actors for me with this show were both Gerard Carey as the stage hand 'Tim', and Djalenga Scott as the completely ditzy 'Brooke', utterly superb.

Was literally crying with laughter in the second half, Tim's character really comes to the fore and it's absolutely pandemonium. This is a show I feel that you need to go to see at least twice as there's just so much slap-stick happening at the same time. Absolutely bloody marvellous! GO SEE!!!

StageText were bang-on with their captioning, they are just such a great firm and I continually applaud them for the access they give. Granted that sometimes things do go a bit 'squewiff' as we saw with Billy Elliott in London where the captions were 'late' making that show hard to follow. This time around absolutely no complaints.

I would like to add that it certainly pays (or in this case saves) to check different train routes to save cash. Came back from Birmingham via Leicester and then from there down to London saving at least 15 pounds each, crazy! I think the direct tickets were like 40 to 50 quid for returns for two people, bloody hell!

Next show is Spamalot *Claps excitedly* in Nottingham, after being continually frustrated with the theatre in London not showing any of the performances with StageText it's time to put the leg-work in and go back up cross-country! This time around it's a big group of friends going en-masse!

Hope all is well out there, we're waiting for a chinese takeaway to arrive, too knackered to cook any dinner this evening. Once it gets here we'll be laughing at the recording of the Eurovision Song Contest. Be warned, as with each year, some of the (dare I say 'camp-tastic and down right strange'!) videos and performances have been subtitled and will be being posted to my YouTube account: I will pop links onto this very blog. :)

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