Monday, 31 May 2010

Muh Muh Muh Mah!

*Puts his 'Paw' up*

So what can I say about Lady Gaga hmmmm, she's certainly proved herself worthy to the pop crown hasn't she?!

We went to see the show in February and, at that point in time, with it being a 'new' show there were some niggling teething issues. Mainly being kept waiting and Ms Gaga being a tad inexperienced with the tour. This time around it was tweaked, and MUCH slicker,

Opening the night with Dance in the Dark being lit up behind the stage screen, teasing the audience of what was to come, progressing through Glitter and Grease and getting the crowd into a frenzy with her first hit Just Dance and then Beautiful Dirty Rich the show was now a pop-filled juggernaut. Crowd happily punching the air, clapping along and pogo'ing like crazy.

For a lass who wasn't heard of in 2008 she's certainly come a very very long way is a short amount of time. Surely she must be knackered?! Obviously not if this show was anything to go by!

After The Fame she switched into LoveGame mode resplendent in a see-through Nun's habit. Now I do like LoveGame but the Marilyn Manson remix is sooooooooo much better. She does a tiny bit of this remix at the end of the song, for me though I reckon she should have done the whole lot, it's harder and dirtier. Would have been amazing had Marilyn Manson actually come on stage to help her with it (not sure if his band is still on tour though).

Boy Boys Boys and Money Honey kept the crowd going and she was teasing her male dancers. It's really good to know she sticks up for her mates having brought an old friend from NYC out on tour with her, I think his name was Posh (and absolutely no relation to V. Beckham I am sure!), and he indeed had improved since the first show back in February too. It's all down to building confidence on those stages around the globe in front of thousands. He was looking like a male Grace Jones, quite a fearsome sight in some cases, vastly tall and amplified by four inch high heals, ones that Julia Roberts would have been proud of in Pretty Woman!

After that, it all went quiet, she was stood out on the front of the 'catwalk' looking towards the audience and doing the 'telephone' hand shape to the side of her face, she didn't even have to introduce the song, which is a belter I'm sure you'll admit. Up next was Brown Eyes, personally not too keen on this one.

Having recently attended a Gala event in NYC where she performed 'Stand By Me' with both Elton John and Sting, she added this to her set list and had the whole audience swaying and singing along, good call Gaga!

All of a sudden the mandatory flames shot up from the piano with Speechless, I'm sure quite a lot of the crowd had 'Johnnie Walker' eyes as well having witnessed the amount of cocktails being supped pre-show in the O2 Lounge!

Winding down, if you can say that of this show, with So Happy I Could Die, Monster, Teeth and her coming release Alejandro, it was then time for the last 'big three'.....

Poker Face was absolutely belting, high intensity and a mass-sweat fest with the whole crowd going crazy. She fought her huge Fame Monster on the stage and won the battle during Paparazzi, returning to the stage for her encore in her gyroscopic 'globe' for Bad Romance which I have to say is my favourite track of hers. Dedicating the song to the late Alexander McQueen, it was a very fitting end to an amazing spectacle.

Her tour continues through to April 2011, personally I would be shattered at the end of all that! Gaga told the audience that the next album had already been written on the road and it was just a case of getting it recorded. So we will all have to sit tight.

Phillip Treacy hats off to the Gaga!

*Puts his 'Paw' back down*

(No photo's I'm afraid as, stupidly, didn't take the camera... made even worse when we were stood slap bang by the stage, arrghhhhh, so many missed opportunities, damn it!).

A big THANK YOU to the two 'O2 Angels' at the O2 Lounge, Phil was out wearing his kilt, they took quite a mighty shine to it. He was certainly enjoying all the attention he was getting in it and made the most of it! ....And we haven't seen that many guys wearing make up since The Blitz club in the 80's!

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